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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Oh, yeah! Sony has finally released the PDA I've been waiting for, the T615. What I wanted in a PDA:

  1. Really, really, really thin
  2. Photo-quality photo display
  3. Runs Handy Shopper, my killer Palm app
  4. Memory Sticks let me load it up with photos (and music)
  5. Has to be significantly better than the Pilot 5000 I use.

      Just moved onto a new hard disk today, from an 8 gig partition to a 60 gig disk. Got a good deal at CompUSA, where I got the 60 GB drive for the same price as a 40 GB, which was only $130 to start with. Had to move up, because our 5+ gig photo collection was quickly growing past the limit.


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