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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I do most of my programming work by myself. This usually works pretty well, but over time I've been having a harder time keeping up with the work. In addition to this, I've been tasked with teaming up with our VB programmer, so we can provide redundancy for each other.

Working off the top of my head doesn't work anymore, we need a process and some tools to help us. Almost all of this is distilled from

Specs (Why, What, How)

  • Functional spec - This is what the user sees happening; this is how the project should be designed.
  • Technical spec - How it's actually programmed to work, logic, flow, etc. Need a single document to pull together all the pieces, as well as inline comments in the code to explain.


  • Needs to work together with bugs and feature requests.


  • Work together with the specs
  • Tied to our Helpdesk system for bug tracking
  • Take care of bugs before handling new Feature Requests, which should be appropriately scheduled.


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