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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Many people ask me what technology they should buy. Well, here are some starting points, based on my impressions. Some are more researched than others! I've linked most products to my favorite reputable online shopping locations:,, or the vendor's site.


I support almost 100 Dells at my company, and we use similar models that you would buy for home. They have very few problems, and parts / service are easy to get, even if the wait on the phone is sometimes long. ( Figure out your budget, then go see what you can buy for that money, and stick to it! Don't forget taxes & shipping. At this time frame you can get a really good computer for $1000 give or take a few hundred.


For high-end (non-pro), we love our Canon Powershot G1. This will cost you around $800, though.

I bought a Kodak DC290 for work a while ago, and it's still takes awesome photos. Its price has come down to around $500, making a nice mid-range option. A little work can find it cheaper than from Kodak.

I consider $300 to be about the minimum to spend for a decent quality digicam, and the Kodak DX3500 does a really good job at that price. (It costs a little more if you buy the docking thing, too.)

There are cameras under $300, but you'll either want be getting a toy, or you'll have to research really well and find some old cameras that used to be top of the line!


Like it or not, even digital pictures need to end up on paper at some point. If you want quick, good, temporary photos, pick an HP Photosmart or an Epson Stylus to fit your budget. I have never seen a Canon do photos any justice - they give a red hue to everything, just like most of their digicams.

Want something that will complement your digicam to create paper photos that will last 3 times as long as a good-quality regular photo (that translates to over 100 years!) Check out the expensive Epson Stylus 2000P. I'm saving up for this one (at the same time waiting for the price to come down).


So, maybe you aren't in the market for a high-resolution LCD projector? If you are considering plunking down any kind of money into home theater, you really ought to leave that widescreen TV behind, and look at these! Think of your biggest wall, and imagine really, really wide screen DVD!

Prices have been plummetting, so take your time. I'm watching for a good deal on the Proxima DP6150 or the Compaq MP2800, both of which are over $4000 right now. There are several that are much cheaper, but you'll lose out on resolution and brightness. A good alternative is Sony's VPL-CX10, for just a little over $3000, and it still has great brightness and resolution.


Since we're talking home theather, I recently bought a set of MidiLand 8200 Dolby Digital speakers. I read a whole lot of reviews, and if Dolby Digital we're such a big deal, I might have purchased Klipsch's Promedia speakers. Creative's Cambridge Soundworks digital set just didn't have the oomph.


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