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Friday, January 31, 2003

$200, nice and thin, the beautiful screen: Sony Clie T615C (refurbished, some more options at Amazon)

You can look over all their new models online, too. The T Series ($280) and SJ30 ($250) series are the thin, cheaper, simple ones.

If color isn't much of a draw for you, Sony does have a couple models that are quite a bit cheaper; the SL10 can read Word and Excel files, too! (The SJ30 could, too)

Not to get the issue too confusing, but here's something else to think about: Handspring sells a device called the Treo, which is a phone and a PDA in one! It works on the Cingular network. Their black-and-white Treo 180 is only $99 with activate and rebate. They have color ones, too, but they're $450-$500.

The Treos have been very well-rated, and are very well-favored because they're very small, and also have a built in keyboard that makes search and calling from the Address Book quite easy. Hmm. A little more looking, and looks like the rebate is only for T-Mobile, not Cingular; so it'll be $250 I guess, maybe more. Maybe not such a good deal, until Cingular runs some deals around here :( but still a cool option! :)

Other options:

  • The Palm m500 is only $149, not the nice Sony screen, nor color, but nice and thin.
  • For a non-Palm solution, there's the HP iPAQ h1910, for $300, or Dell's Axim X5 for $249.


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