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Monday, April 7, 2003
This morning I got into work, and had (no joke) 425 messages in my Inbox. Last week my company had to stop using a particular part of it's spam filter, as a "cost-cutting" measure. My bet is that we're going to lose more than we save in the extra time it's going to take people to go through their email.

But then again, I'm (hopefully) the exception rather than the rule in how much spam I receive. I'm all over the web, and my address has been around a while.

Block Spam!Anyway, I use Cloudmark's Spamnet, which took about 10 minutes to run through my entire 500-message strong Inbox, and leave me witha mere 12 new messages, of which 5 were spam, a 98.8% success rate! A quick scan through the Spam folder shows no false positives either.


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