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Friday, August 8, 2003
Minolta's come out with a nice camera with image stabilization, like the Canon Pro90 IS. Minolta calls it Anti-Shake.

Minolta Dimage A1
Canon Pro90 IS
5 megapixel
2.6 megapixel
7x zoom
10x zoom
Highly recommended by Phil
$1200 est.
$500 ebay
28mm wide
37mm wide

A few others catch my eye:

  1. Nikon 5700 - solid quality, 5 megapixel
  2. Sony DSC-F828 - Sony's great feature set, mechanical zoom, 8 megapixels
  3. Kodak DX 6490 - good value, 10x zoom

A comparison of features on several big-zoom small cameras (of which there have been several recent releases) from


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