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Friday, November 14, 2003

Well, the sad sad day has arrived that my company has rolled out a new website designed by a . . . I don't know, a set of people about 5 years behind in web design and accessibility. I know my old design was just that, old, but c'mon! Replacing it with this is a pure insult. In no particular order, a list of what I see to be wrong, until I can't take it anymore:

  1. Oh, no! A big, stupid, totally unnecessary Flash intro!!!! Aaaaaaaaah!
  2. Javascript infested site, more on the implications of that throughout everything.
  3. Cryptic, javascript links exclusively???? what's up with that?
  4. Dynamic menus the only way to navigate the site - what about people who don't / can't use a mouse?
  5. The colors look like something out of the 70s
  6. Gratuitous, phony stock photos thrown in everywhere. What, can't find anybody good-looking or smiling at O'Neal? That's surprising, given I know a bunch of photogenic, happy people where I work!
  7. Neither the URL nor the stupid menus tell me where I am
  8. Yuck. Maps link to Mapquest. Take the time to make a nice map, cleaned up, and actually useful.
  9. The big fat logo isn't linked to the homepage
  10. Overview gives me popups on the details? Wow, so much clicking, for so little information! Use DHTML, or just a plain outline, or something, duh.
  11. What's with the hard-to-read pyramid? Wow, that really makes me want to hire O'Neal, because they make big complicated pyramid diagrams.
  12. The homepage alone is 13 times as big, from 2k to 27k, mostly javascript bloat that gets to be downloaded every single time!
  13. Holy cow! The site is completely invisible with images turned off. No alt-texts, not text at all! The colors are such that even the regular text on the page vanishes.
  14. When narrowing the page, a second menu jumps down over the top of the page, leaving a dummy behind
  15. It's not valid HTML, even back to 2.0
  16. It's not valid CSS
  17. It's not Section 508 compliant - Bobby can't even connect to it to test
  18. Fails the Link Test

For the accessibility issues, which are many and grievous, here are a couple links to educate you:


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