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Saturday, September 1, 2001

Forget copying music from somebody else across the Net, or hogging your bandwith to stream it. I've pretty much finished ripping all my CDs into mp3s, and am working on a few tapes. The result? About 1300 songs off my collection of about 80 CDs. This is really cool. Now that I have all (about 4.5 gig) my music on my hard drive, I can add everything to the playlist, hit random and repeat, and let it play for days without hearing a repeat! Besides, they're all my favorite songs, and the quality is superb.

They're on my laptop, so the music comes along through a tape adapter into the car audio, or I listen in the airplane while on a business trip.

I've taken the trouble to tweak my copy of MusicMatch 5.x to point to , instead of cddb, because cddb has decided all my work (and others') is theirs. What, I go through all that work for their benefit? No way! I submit to the music db so others can freely benefit from my work, and vice versa. Not for some company to take ownership of for free.

I've also gone through the trouble of entering Genre, Tempo, Mood, Situation, and Preference, so I can use MusicMatch's AutoDJ feature to grab a list of songs on some categorical terms. Pretty cool. I also used Amazon and other web resources to get the CD images for the albums, and added those. MusicMatch 6, which I use for playback on some of my computers, lets you browse by album image, which is really neat for the visual ones among us.

I have a friend who is finally getting his LPs out, and creating CDs of all his favorite songs. That's putting technology to good use! No copyright issues, just good quality music forever!


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