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Monday, April 21, 2003

Good and bad things happened this weekend.


My usually non-changing DHCP-issued IP address changed on Friday, and the resulting DNS change delay made my set of sites unavailable Friday and much of Saturday. Very annoying; when we move I'm going to get a business account, with a real static address.


My revamped photo-processing system is letting me post images faster than ever, down from (at best) 2 minutes per photo to about 45 seconds each. It's a whole lot less tedious, too! I've switched the main processing tasks (file renaming, filing, resampling, etc) to the server, so all I have to do is enter the metadata.

Anyway, this weekend, we surpassed 7,000 unique images in our online photo library. Each and every one of these images is catalogued, exists in multiple sizes, and is completely searchable. Some stats:

  • 7,042 images
  • 27,021 files
  • 362 folders
  • 14.9 GB storage used
  • 594 movie clips


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