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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Bethany Hills Baptist ChurchJust rolled a new design at Bethany tonight.

I stuck with tables for layout, but used CSS to style all the menus, etc. Tables just work much more reliably and intuitively with nested tables, widths, and don't allow overlapping sections. This is the most "polished" design I've come up with so far, with most of the time spent in coming up with a new logo, creating a few images, and in getting the colors and function right on the menus. Tranferring the design mean pointing to a different stylesheet and tweaking two class names on each page. A little bit of entire site search-and-replace, and I'm done. Simple design, simple transition, and only about 10 hours of actual work (after dreaming and planning about a design for weeks).

I reworked the home page dramatically, presenting a much more pleasant experience especially for non logged-in visitors. I really need to get group pages put together now, with schedules, news, prayer requests, shared resources, and photos for such groups as the youth, music, and Sunday School ministries.

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