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22 Years of Adventures

Today is our 22nd anniversary! I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the adventures we've had together, aside from the kids (who are a huge adventure all to themselves)

It all started long, long ago in a prairie town . . . .

(from DavidandKrista)
Very informative, with lots of different links about all aspects of adoption. (from Adopting)
This links you straight to our wishlist on the best place to find anything! (from SmartComputing)

Antonio's 18th Birthday
Antonio has a bunch of friends over to celebrate turning 18 years old (from DavidandKrista)

Bailes Family
Our missionary friends that helped us so much by hosting our stay in Guatemala. (from DavidandKrista)

Between Friends
A comic strip that gives you a good feel for many of the emotions in the adoption process. It covers a couple's struggle with infertility, then adoption. (from Adopting)

Biltmore Gathering
A bunch of us gather for birthdays and trip to the Biltmore (from DavidandKrista)

Carmen's 16th Birthday
Carmen had a few friends over to celebrate her 16th birthday with a makeover, fancy dress, a limousine ride, fancy dinner, and going to the broadway show Annie (from DavidandKrista)

Carmen's Formals
Carmen is maturing into a beautiful young lady (from DavidandKrista)

Creation Museum
We visit the Creation Museum (from DavidandKrista)

Dive Into Accessibility
An excellent, yet concise, guide into how to make your website accessible. Good explanations of who benefits, and why. (from SmartComputing)

Easter Party
A party at a neighbor's house complete with an egg hunt and baby bunnies (from DavidandKrista)

The best search engine, at least if you're interested in finding anything useful. (from SmartComputing)

Today we celebrated 7 years with Antonio, Carmen, and Felix, and 1.5 years with Stephen, Jacob, and Victoria by heading out for some fun on Lake Jordan. (from Adopting)

Homecoming 2008
Out for a game of frisbee golf for the 8 year / 2.5 year anniversary of our kids being home! (from DavidandKrista)

Homegrown Old Salem
Homegrown Scholars take a trip to Old Salem (from DavidandKrista)

Hurricane Play
When a hurricane brings lots of warm rain, that can be fun! (from DavidandKrista)

Jorgensen Family
(from DavidandKrista)

July 4th Picnic and Concert
A quick trip to Richmond for a classic, hot, "backyard" event with a choir and the Richmond symphony (from DavidandKrista)

Keepers Skating
Ice skating for the Keepers at Home (from DavidandKrista)

Let's Go Fly a Kite
Flying a big red kite at the park (from DavidandKrista)

Lunar Eclipse
The moon goes through the earth's shadow (from DavidandKrista)

Map Tracks
Overlay GPX tracks to explore some places we've been (from DavidandKrista)

Musuem Fun
We enjoyed a trip to the museum with the LaRocques (from DavidandKrista)

Mystery Dinner
(from DavidandKrista)

NC Adoption
A nice fast site with lots of information particularly pertinent to adopting in the state of North Carolina. (from Adopting)

Newsletter 1997
(from DavidandKrista)

Newsletter 1998
(from DavidandKrista)

Newsletter 1999
(from DavidandKrista)

Newsletter 2000
(from DavidandKrista)

Newsletter 2001
(from DavidandKrista)

Newsletter 2006
(from DavidandKrista)

Newsletter 2012
(from DavidandKrista)

Ohio Trip
Visiting with the Dunns, Maneys, and Rizos en route to visiting relatives (from DavidandKrista)

Optimal Web Design
An extremely well-written and valuable description of how a website should be designed in order to make it usable. (from SmartComputing)

Rainy Day at the Zoo
A wet day at the zoo (from DavidandKrista)

State Fair
Fun at the State Fair (from DavidandKrista)

Taking Great Pictures
A very good site by Kodak on how to take great pictures in all sorts of situations. The site gets into technique, with a surprisingly small amount of product placement. In other words, you can learn from this material without having to use Kodak products. (from SmartComputing)

Taming Lists
I love lists! This is a great article on how to turn properly-structured lists into cool menus and other uses, while maintaining the proper semantics of a list of items. (from SmartComputing)

Thanksgiving Family Time
A couple days in Arlington with grandparents and the Trauchts (from DavidandKrista)

The Family Network
This is the adoption agency we used. An excellent resource for adoptive parents. Their site will give you a feel for the world of adoption. (from Adopting)