ABC PDF by WebSuperGoo
A wonderfully simple way to get dynamically generated PDF files available on your website, without having to learn the intricacies of the PDF language.

Good, extreme web design techniques to improve usability.
This links you straight to our wishlist on the best place to find anything!

Animotion Studios
I went to school with the guy. He's an accomplished musician, great singer, media magician, and obviously a great programmer. He's done a lot of great work!

Get your funnies online

Get your funnines online from King Features

Dive Into Accessibility
An excellent, yet concise, guide into how to make your website accessible. Good explanations of who benefits, and why.

Fixing Your Website
By Vincent Flanders. Lots of really good guidelines. He's also the one who runs, for all those good examples of bad!

The best search engine, at least if you're interested in finding anything useful.

Look, Ma, no tables!
A great CSS resource with lots of examples. Particulary useful is tons of help on how to get from tables to css.

Optimal Web Design
An extremely well-written and valuable description of how a website should be designed in order to make it usable.

Philip Greenspun
I got tons of inspiration from this guy. My own photo system is modeled after the one on, and I learned a lot of best practices information about running database-backed websites.

Taking Great Pictures
A very good site by Kodak on how to take great pictures in all sorts of situations. The site gets into technique, with a surprisingly small amount of product placement. In other words, you can learn from this material without having to use Kodak products.

Taming Lists
I love lists! This is a great article on how to turn properly-structured lists into cool menus and other uses, while maintaining the proper semantics of a list of items.

Windows Update Catalog
Allows you to download (and keep!) updates to your Windows OS.

Writing Code Other People Can Read
Great guidelines on making your code understandable and modular for others and future you

LaRocque Family