Adoption Journal

We're adopting again! You'll probably want to read a little about why we are adopting again; this time we're pursuing an adoption from Russia, and we need your help. God has been gracious in providing for our previous adoptions, and this time He's having us step out in faith on funds we don't yet have! Here are some ideas of how you can help:

Buy Artwork
Purchase a Cat
Donate Directly
Host a Dinner
Sell Fruit
Run a Yard Sale
Raking Leaves
Walking Dogs
Washing Cars


Taking PicturesMore ways to help:

More information coming soon!


We have adopted six children so far out of a deep belief that children need a good, godly family to grow up with - and that we can provide that by the grace of God. We love our children very much, but also believe we have room in our hearts and home for more.

God not only shows a particular interest in looking out for orphans Himself,

But commands us to do the same:


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