Angus Barn

Saturday, May 11, 2002

Rating: 2.5 Rocks (David 2, Krista 3)

Summary: A famous steakhouse in a big red barn; famous for good food, great service, and high prices. We visited the day before Mother's Day, arriving around 5pm. We didn't have to wait at all, so didn't get to experience the waiting area's amenities. We were taken to a table in the back by the windows, and soon all the tables around were full.

Pros: The service was the best we've had in a long time. Several greeters out front welcomed us in, and were friendly enough - a dramatic departure from the bored / tired attitude of most hosts/hostesses at other restaurants. Our waitress was friendly, efficient, and helpful. The h'ordeurves were definitly an unexpected plus; the kids loved the crackers, celery, cheese, and pickles.

Cons: The entrees were good, but far short of exceptional. There wasn't much ambiance where we were, but at least we were separated from the main dining room, with all its noise and crowds. If the food were much, much better, and the dining experience classier, the prices would have been justified. As it was, it was fancy restaurant prices for average food in a country atmosphere.

Who: There are plenty of other great steakhouses, so this would be for people who want to say they've been to the Angus Barn. We've heard the wine cellar is exceptional, so perhaps those into wine would better appreciate the restaurant. Businesspeople with substantial expense accounts looking for a unique restaurant to treat their clients would also be attracted here, especially if the clients are the type that are impressed with big-ticket items.


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