Start of a New School Year

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great start of a new school year! My 14 yo and 10 yo sons are going to use Switched on Schoolhouse this year. My 9 yo son and 7 yo daughter will use the Robinson Curriculum, and the youngest 2, both about 1 1/2 years old will be uing a variety of Montessori type materials.

Today, my 14 breezed through the 9th grade work he had. Of course, the first lessons might be easier on purpose. The 10 yo struggled a little, but wants to use the program still- just like his big brother. He seems a little disappointed, but he also does whatever he can to get out of chores. So... I reminded him he still needs to get through all of his school and keep up with chores or else he will do the same school as his younger siblings. Believe that gave him proper motivation...

I have yet to get all the Robinson material printed. I am not sure I am 100% sold on the program either. We will not be using Saxon Math with this. We are still using Math Rider and also will bring out the Professor B. I might use Life of Fred with my 10 yo. Haven't quiite decided, but we do like the Life of Fred Math. Meanwhile, we still have not finished our subscription to IXL, so my 10 yo will be using that for a little while longer.

Sadly, I will not be reviewing any items for a little while. I need to use more of what we have. Plus, with my 14 yo starting 9th grade, I need to start worrying about transcripts and such. So, I haven't quite decided the best way to handle all that. It is my hopes to review again soon, though! It motivate me to write. I feel very self conscious about my writing. In fact, I regularly didn't even hand in my written assignments during high school because I feared the critique of it. However,  I am someone who faces the things I fear and wishes to stretch myself in areas that are not comfortable.

For today, we have had a good day- though it isn't over yet! And my youngest 2 boys are sporting tutu's at the moment. Guess it is time to sign off!


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