Amazing Animals by Design Review

Friday, April 6, 2012

As the name would imply, Amazing Animals by Design is a  book focused on the evidence of Intelligent Design in  the animal kingdom. This particular story is of one family's trip to the zoo.


Since Debra Haagen- the author- lives in NC, I can't help but wonder if she visits my favorite zoo- the Asheboro Zoo. More information about this book can be found on the book's website and facebook page.


I received this 24 page book as a pdf and intended to read the book on the computer. However, instead I printed the book out so my daughter could color in the pages. I wish it had printed out as a coloring book with a clean black and white outline.


My children who are 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed the book and asked lots of questions. I feel there is a great need for more books to focus specifically on the proof of a Creator.


While I did think this book was cute and had some interesting information, the $8.99 price for a hardback or $7.99 price for the pdf is affordable, I feel.  it is not likely  I would choose just because we have SO many books. I would highly recommend the book. The writing is great. The Illustrations are simple, but very attractive.


I find I prefer a traditional book- specifically for children and would be highly unlikely to buy this (or any children's book) as a pdf. The bound version of the book would be one I would definitely recommend to others and possibly buy as a gift for a child who loves animals.

Disclaimer: As part of the TOS Review Crew, I received the pdf version of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All the opinions are mine.


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