Sanity Check!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Today was quite a day. Glad it is over! One child  has an obnoxious cold. My son with a broken toe, hit it again and likely re-broke it. Another son didn't do his seat work for school until 6:30 tonight. My youngest daughter alternated screaming or whining at her brothers (though she still gave me lots of hugs and kisses). My hardest working son seems to be getting sick and was really tired and pretty uncooperative since he thought I was blaming him for everything going wrong- but I really, really wasn't! . The cats ran out of food (I order the  food in bulk. Turns out it was at the store, but they didn't call me and let me know- so they have food now- of course!) We are going to have to put our 13 yo dalmatian to sleep very soon- since she is losing weight (but eating lots), tremoring, losing balance in her back legs and has a growth on her side. Only 3 people out of 9 seemed to be in good moods- My husband, youngest son, and oldest daughter (who was a GREAT help in everything today!) .

I do have to say, it wasn't all bad, I got to go hang out with a good friend.. My wonderful (and very wise) husband made 2 batches of apple crisp- one with Stevia just for me- since I am still trying to stay clear of real sugar. My oldest son came for a visit (and to do laundry and get a hair cut). He brought me a cute frog (not live) for my collection and super adorable bracelets (like his) for his baby brothers. Still, every day seems like it is 3 days in one lately!

I asked David if he could call a school bus STAT and get the kids on it today. Don't get me wrong-  I LOVE to homeschool my children. I love having the freedom in our country to provide an education at home for our children- if we choose. Yet, there are days like today when I feel I am on a treadmill or trying to walk up the down escalator. Phew! I am so tired.

Thankful for all my children, though! I am so proud of each one. Everyday, I am reminded what a gift they are. I know this day will be a blur soon. Yet, it is hard when the long days outnumber the short days. When I want to do fun things with the kids, but they won't co-operate so we can get to the fun. They didn't know if we got through everything today, I planned on taking them on a field trip tomorrow. But now they will miss out and I will feel like I could have done more and have been a better Mom and a better teacher. I acknowledge I have a part in it when the day unravels. It seems I have to not expect anything out of the day. Today, I needed everything to happen on a particular time frame or I knew I wouldn't get everything I wanted done. It seems my hand got slapped and I am being told, "Let go and Let ME be in charge" by God. We did have a chance to talk about scriptures, but I feel like I am not living for my children a good example. I could be more patient and certainly more kind.

Well, goodnight- finally- and I am hopeful tomorrow will be a better day (though my youngest son gets a helmet because his head is long and narrow from the time spent in bed at the orphanage or in the hospital before the orphanage, and I think he is going to hate it! His older brother (by 2 months) likes to wear hats and took right to his helmet. In fact, he never wants it off. My youngest  is probably going to be quite upset , though. I can already imagine  his little bottom lip quivering and those eyes letting us know  how mean he feels we are- when he doesn't get his way. Prayerfully, I will be proven wrong. With both boys in helmets it will save Lukas some nasty bumps he currently has been getting when his unprotected head meets up with his brother's hard hat.


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