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Monday, February 27, 2012

What we certainly needed in this house (particularly 6 weeks ago) was some Tension Tamer. I am not sure if my package came ripped or not, but I found just the contents sitting on the counter. My children generally do not open anything marked for me and no one would admit to opening the package. So, I think it might have  arrived damaged. The contents were fine, but I hoped I didn't lose anything.


After reading what others received from Beeyoutiful! - I think we received everything meant for us. We received 2 items: Tension Tamer and Orange scented Lip BALM. The Tension Tamer was handed over directly to my oldest daughter -recently out of the hospital. I was highly recommending she stay away from any medications- even for headaches- and asked her to try the Tension Tamer instead. During her stay in the hospital, it became clear she did not react well to medications of any sort- prescription or otherwise. At home I try very hard  not to use any medications with my children unless absolutely necessary. While at college, my daughter got into the habit of taking over the counter medications for headaches, stomach aches,  sleeping better etc and I believe it contributed to her ending up in the hospital. Not that she over used them, but she complained of them making her feel funny and I believe she is just extra sensitive to medications that likely have no effect on most people.


Over the next few weeks I noticed her using the roller tube when she started to feel anxious or if she developed a headache. Tension Tamer has eucalyptus, essential oils and other all natural ingredients. It does not contain parabens, petroleum or artificial colors or preservatives.


Tension Tamer actually helped me quite a bit personally when I started to have an allergy attack of some sort. This only occurs very, very rarely, but it is out of the blue. Usually if I drink some water or something it goes away. Well, I was driving the last time this happened, but Carmen had her  Tension Tamer. I was able to wave the roller under my nose and the episode went away immediately. I have not had an episode clear up quickly and completely like that before.


The BALM in Beeyoutiful  Lip BALM stands for Beeyoutiful All- Natural Lip Moisturizer. I received the orange kind to try. Beeyoutiful sells both orange and peppermint scents. The ingredients consist of Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax and Orange essential oil. I have used other organic/ all-natural lip balms before and this is my all around favorite. I love the scent, the way it applies and the moisturizing quality. I looked at the ingredients of my other natural lip balm in my purse and it has over 10 ingredients and I can't read several of the words. I have 2 complaints : No lip balm ever seems to really stay on and I don't like how often I need to use it. I wish I could find one that really stays well. Also, for $3 and then shipping, I am not sure how often I would buy lip balm from an online source.


Tension Tamer is available for $11 and is  something I haven't seen before. It definitively helped both me and my daughter. In fact, I never actually rolled it on, but my daughter did use it for headaches and stiff shoulder muscles and she was quite sore from both the seizures and just being in the hospital. I didn't get a clear answer from her about how well it worked since she wouldn’t have had anything to compare it to. Stil,  I know she liked it quite a bit since she carries it with her everywhere and uses it in stressful situations. Now, that she has been out of the hospital and recovering well for a while, I see her needing it less. I am very thankful she does have something she can use that is not a medicine. I would definitely order this product again in the future. Generally I do order online, but the high cost of shipping would keep me from ordering just a couple items. Also, the prices of certain items and not knowing if they would work or not might  prevent me from just trying out products from Beeyoutiful. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Have bought a lot of items from this company. I love it is a small, family-run business. I like the discounts for ordering multiple quantities of the same item. Also, you can earn bee points for writing reviews or adding tags. But I don't know what the bee points can be redeemed for. I can certainly see myself placing an order for several items at once from Beeyoutiful in the future. I know many people who order and love their products and I did enjoy both items I was given to review.


As part of  The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I  received Tension Tamer and Beeyoutiful Lip BALM for free in exchange for my honest review.


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