FracTazmic TM

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FracTasmic TM is part of an amazing line up of educational card games offered by BrainyAttic TM on this website:

In this fraction forming game, there are 3 suits of fractions in 3 different colors. The blue is 12ths illustrated by varying amounts of  eggs in a carton of 12, red is 16th illustrated by an inch, and green are 10ths illustrated by a liter water bottle. Each colorful card is marked with a fraction (ie 1/4) and also a picture to illustrate the fraction (ie 3 eggs in a carton). The way we play as a group is by picking up and discarding as well as playing the cards we were dealt to make sets of whole fraction.  The winner who has the most complete sets when the cards are all used is the winner.  When I taught each child individually, I had a child turn over a card at a time and make sets that way.

I am a firm believer that learning can be both fun and educational. In fact, I prefer to teach new concepts or reinforce old ones with  games when possible. Some of my children have a great sense of fractions, but others don't. All of us enjoyed this game to some extent. At first my children played the game only when they were asked to. Then, they played for fun a few times. I wouldn't say it is their favorite as a game, but they prefer it to workbooks or watching a math video. Mostly, I played this game one on one in a solitaire type style with each child until I knew they understood and were more or less on equal footing.

While, this game claims to be fast paced, it wasn't  fast while playing with a 7 yo, 8, yo, 9 yo and 14 yo. This is the type of game that would appeal to me if I were at an educational store, but would be highly unlikely to buy from a website if I just stumbled across.  Now that I do have this set (provided free for my review), I would be very likely to buy other sets sold by this company  as a provider of  fun educational games for home or school. This product is not designed specifically for homeschoolers. It might have been a faster paced game with children all the same age and with similar skill sets.

With 60 cards in a set,  free teaching math download, online games and more on the $6.95 price for each deck seems very reasonable. The online game and download free even if you don't purchase. My impression was this company has a true heart for teaching children to succeed and providing quality products at a reasonable cost.

A pack of FracTasmic TM cards were given to me in exchange for an honest review.


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