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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


To my knowledge, I have never seen or heard of Bower Books before the opportunity to review their book: The Person I Marry - book 2 in their Bright Future Book Series. I did request to review the book, but was a little nervous because I am pretty particular about books.




I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and content of the text as well as the length of this book,  and positively thrilled by the illustrations. Even though this book is written in a sing song poetry style- which I typically find sappy - the overall flow was decent and the message is excellent. Sometimes the cadence and rhyme seemed forced making reading out loud initially difficult. Many of the words would be too difficult for a beginner reader to grasp and that can mean stopping and starting to explain. It is a great book for parents to read to their child(ren) and discuss after, though.


Clearly this book is written from a Christian point of view, but the character traits highlighted in this book are universal. This book stresses the necessity of really thinking through the kind of person on the inside would make the best spouse.


I never thought about having a book focused on marriage for young children. However, in this "till love do us part" culture, we currently live in, it is necessary to stress the importance of choosing someone with substance to spend a lifetime with.


I am not sure I agree this book fits all readers. I do believe the content would appeal potentially to young and old, teenagers are likely to find  this to be "too young" and my beginner readers can enjoy the pictures, but wouldn’t be able to read this book on their own. The pages wouldn't hold up to young children and I would hate for the beautiful pages to be torn (though I received my copy in e- book form, I can imagine the pages are a typical weight for this type of book). I do feel this book should be read and left out to be read by children who are old enough. I find the message to be relevant and of great importance.


Plus, at $11.49, I would buy the book for the art alone. The illustrations are phenomenal. I enjoyed watching the painting videos and reading more about the husband and wife duo who write and illustrate Bower Family Books. The video of the Bower girls singing on the beach is also quite heartwarming! 9 of the 12 Bower children are girls!


This review left me wanting to purchase all the books in this series. I also want to purchase the physical book because it just seems more natural for me to read to my children that way. I don't think the book is typically available in e-book.



Gary Bower also is a guest speaker and can be reached in several ways:


Gary Bower

Author & Speaker


7700 Timbers Trail

Traverse City, MI 49684

231-941-0899        *  231-590-0077 (cell)


This book was provided to me in ebook form through the TOS review crew for free in exchange for my honest review.


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