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Monday, October 31, 2011


George Washington Carver is a fascinating man who overcame and accomplished  much during his extraordinary  life. George W Carver indeed was EXTRA ordinary. Much of his life I already knew since I had read many books and articles previously.



This video - George Washington Carver- His Life and His Work- started out slowly. The graphics aren't flashy and my original impression was how bored I expected we all would be. The first few minutes were a little rough and we all had a hard time getting "into" the video.


Approximately 30 minutes in length, this video- in DVD format- packs much into that time. I am hesitant to actually describe particular content because I do think this video should be seen by all school age children and don't want to give away anything! The photography from the times of George Washington Carver's life were really interesting.


For instance, I believed Washington was actually his given middle name. I didn't know he never married. I had forgotten he was mute for unknown reasons as a child. I knew he had been separated from his parents and raised by the Carver family where his education was encouraged , but didn't know the facts surrounding his separation from them. No one knows exactly when George Washington Carver was born, but it was around the end of the Civil War.


You can find the DVD for sale as well as a study guide  about this DVD on . The sale price is  $19.95- regularly $24.95. For a 30 minute video, it is a little steep for our family. However, I expect we will watch it over again and I was not able to find it for rental from other sources. We will definitely include this in our regular course of study and I look forward to picking up on more facts about this amazing man.



I am not sure what age is recommended, but it was over the head of my now 7 year old. My 8, 9 and 13 yo boys did seem very interested however.  The company that produced this video can be contacted by mail, email , facebook, twitter  or by phone. Below is the contact information for the physical address and email.

Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. 123 S. Hough St. Barrington, IL 60010




This DVD was provided for me free in through The Old Schoolhouse Review in exchange for my honest review.


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