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Sunday, October 23, 2011







When the box from North Star Games arrived for review, it was like Christmas at our house. :) We love games and have quite a few.


Say Anything- Family Edition is another great game from North Star Games.  I had to read through the instructions a couple times to really "get it", but I was trying to play this game at a restaurant with my children and so we were all distracted.


The concept of this game is great! It really had our children talking and thinking. The judge asks a question from a card. They have a choice of 3 "In my Opinion" questions. The players then have to answer the question as quickly as possible (repeats are not accepted and the judge asks the slower responder to choose another answer). The card I randomly just picked asks; " In my Opinion… What's the best breakfast cereal? Which Superhero outfit looks the most uncomfortable? What would make a long car ride more fun?" When the judge asks one of the questions, he then looks at the answers given and using the "Selectomatic 6000" secretly chooses the answer she/he likes best.


This game gave me a lot of insight into how well my children knew each other. I found out some are very observant and know each other very well . Not all of my children were enthusiastic about this game. There was more thinking involved and they weren't all good sports if their answers weren't chosen. On the other hand, the kids were very fair and didn't just pick favorites. They seemed to really consider the questions and liked the option to pick the answer they liked best. I read the answers and questions for my youngest, so she was able to play as well. I wrote some of her answers for her as well. The game calls for 3-6 players and is fun with more people, but would be difficult to play with a team. Young children could play this with an adult being the reader and writer. Next, the players pick the answer(s) they feel is selected on the Selectomatic 6000 (A spinner with the different colors representing each players dry erase board and voting chips). Points are awarded to the player chosen by the judge as well as the players who also guessed what the judge would choose.


Say Anything Family is indicated as "coming soon" on the North Star Games website, however it IS already available in Target and I did not find it at Barnes and Noble online, though. The price was $13.85- $19.99.


I wish all the markers had worked. They are essential to the game. Make sure you use a paper towel to erase because the oils from your finger will prevent writing on the boards.


We enjoyed this game. I liked it more than the children have. It is not one they pull out each time, but think it will come out more as they get used to it. Because there are 3 questions on each card and each judge is stating their own opinion, the cards can be used for quite a while before flipped over to the other side. There is a marker that indicates when the cards have been used.


As a member of the TOS Review Crew, this game was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review.


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