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Tuesday, October 11, 2011





Can Scrabble and Rubik's cube have a successful union and produce an offspring? That is exactly what the makers of Scruble Cube hope to be true!


I was immediately drawn to the design of this educational game. As a child, I loved Rubik's cube.  This version doesn't move quite as smoothly, but the letters do rotate and I enjoyed the look and feel, though I would like colorful cubes instead of so much white!


On the other hand, Scrabble never was a favorite. I do love word games and games in general, but seem to never find the high point words and am a poor loser. :)


This game can be played in so many ways. Additionally, there are lots of downloads teachers can use. Unlike many games, the classroom instructions  were suited for homeschoolers just as much as a traditional classroom. In fact, RSV Productions has managed to even have a science activity for their brainchild with a patent pending design.


Like Scrabble, different letters have a different value. There are a few bonus squares and you can seek all you want, but Q and Z will not be found. So, you won't have to work around those letters. But wait! What if you need those letters? There are a couple blank tiles that can be used for any letter. Both can be used in one word, but not next to each other. They have no point value.


As a toy?? My children lost interest quickly. However, I do see value and potential in a classroom with the worksheets. My children did like to move the cube around and find words when they had nothing else to do. I played a several solo games to see how the scoring worked. However, I couldn't get my children to play an actual game. I DO plan on letting a friend who loves puzzles and games a chance to borrow this for a while after my review is posted. I look forward to playing a game with her once she has a chance to get familiar with the cube.


My oldest daughter was going to review this item with me. However, she has gone off to college and so she wasn't able to.


This game receives a mixed review for me. My children generally don't turn down a game of any sort. It was a little too "school like" to get their interest outside of school. On long road trips, they did use and seem to enjoy the Scruble Cube, though.  I definitely DO plan on playing with this more. I like that the words don't need to be connected- like Scrabble- but can be for bonus points.  I also appreciate all the tips and aids available with the game and on the website: Clearly a lot of thought has gone into this game!


It is available online for $24.95. Replacement letter labels can be purchased as well. (One of my siblings used to peel off the stickers on my Rubik's cube and I really hated that!) It can also be found in  Barnes & Noble stores, some Learning Express Stores, FAO Schwarz, Toys R US and more. If this was $14.95 or so, I probably would have bought it on site- in memory of my Rubik's cube and in hopes my children would love this game. However, it is very sophisticated and perhaps a little complicated for my children currently ranging from 6 - 13. The age range is for 8+ and certainly all of my children did find words on the  cube. However, the average game is 10 rounds and I doubt my children 8 and 9 yo would be able to do that.


I personally love the flexibility, looks and lesson plans offered even though the price was a little high in my opinion. I do hope to incorporate this cube into our school day somehow. As always, I  appreciate the opportunity I had to review this item as a part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion.  You can find Scruble Cube on Facebook, too!


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