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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hello Fellow Savvy Shopping Homeschoolers!

I am excited to share with you that your next $210 could be the last you ever spend on your groceries!! Please look into to see what I am referring to!

Most moms (and dads too!) are looking for ways to save money and cut their bills. How would you like to possibly even do away with that often dreaded grocery shopping and earn money for telling others how??? Well, I am here to tell you, that it is entirely possible to both obliterate your grocery bill AND earn money by just telling other about MPB Today. Once you start earning your groceries, you will be able to use that money you save for whatever your family needs or wants! The money we save will go towards our current adoption from Russia (short term) and will be used to help our church and others who are looking to adopt be able to afford to do so!

In April 2011 I joined MPB Today. MPB stands for My Premier Business. Though some others call it "My Perfect Business". It  certainly has been a perfect fit for me! In May of 2011 I  earned my first check and will now receive checks (and gift cards) weekly based on the effort I am able to put into my business. So far, I have only worked very minimally and primarily have encouraged my immediate family and friends to look into this program. I may not know you personally, but I encourage you to do the same! It is perfect for anyone who has no time, part time or full time hours. Of course, the income you earn is directly related to the amount of time you put in, but you can earn full time pay for part time hours. No other home based business (and I have tried many!) offers so many completely free tools to get started.

In a nutshell, when you join as an affiliate,  you pay $10 for your own website to promote an in- home, grocery delivery company based in Pensacola Florida. called Southeastern Delivery. You also make a 1 time (for life!) purchase of $200. If you live in or close to Pensacola, then you can order and receiver your name brand groceries immediately upon signing up. However, those of us who live further away (I am in NC) can get free shipping OR choose a WalMart gift card. All that is required to earn either of those, it to simply refer 2 people who also refer 2 people. You are rewarded for each personal referral ($50) and also earn free shipping or the WalMart gift card once you have a group of 6.

It takes a little more work to convince people this is the real thing, than I initially thought- I am not going to lie about that! I thought everyone would immediately see the future in this! Afterall, many of my friends sign up for memberships to warehouse type stores. For that money, they just get a membership. These people are happy to pay that and really get nothing in return for it. So, when I heard I could join for $10 a YEAR and get all the training I needed? And I just need to make a single $200 purchase FOR LIFE and refer a minimum of 2 people FOR LIFE, I thought everyone would want to do the same.

Well, it did take me a full month to earn my first WalMart Card. However, I strongly believe anyone can do the same thing and I believe anyone who is able to put some effort into this business will do this in their first 3 months. However, there is no time limit to how quickly you start earning money and there is no limit to how much you can earn. That is entirely up to you! I already refer people to other things all the time! I love my vet and dentist as well as certain stores and definitely when I watch a good movie. Sometimes I am rewarded for that with discounts and other incentives. Often I don't get a reward,  but this business is pretty much the same.

MPB Today is growing by leaps and bounds! From 1 affiliate a year ago to over 65,000 one short year later. I see the future in grocery delivery stores in general and know there is an actual need. And it is a need that is going to grow greater and not less. Unlike many businesses that are actually selling items that could be considered luxuries, groceries are not and grocery delivery is not a luxury for many Americans today. I don't know anyone personally who is 100% self sustainable and does not ever need to shop in a store. I am sure there are a few people like that in the USA, but they are few and far between. Even if you don't live near Pensacola or near a WalMart or Sam's Club, you are rewarded with checks for referrals. The gift cards can be saved and used when needed or even split up and given as gifts. Of course, the advantage of receiving a WalMart gift card is being able to choose how to spend that. So, perhaps you like to shop for groceries somewhere else, then you can just use your gift cards for any other purchases. Everyone needs toilet paper and papertowels. I have heard a couple people comment they don't like to shop at WalMart. Well, I used to actually be in that category. However, there are times the stores are not busy and getting in and out is very easy to do. I can even order my items online- such as special items for my cats not generally available in the store, get them shipped directly to the WalMart and not pay a shipping fee if I pick them up at my local Walmart.

If you would like more information or my explanation is not clear, please attend a live webinar. I strongly believe this will be time well spent! If you are one of the first to join after the webinar ends, you will also be rewarded with a free $20 WalMart card. There is a recorded webinar you can listen to: and there is also a live and interactive webinar twice a week. The days for the live webinar are Sunday and Thursday at 9 pm EST. This is an online meeting and you can ask questions. After the webinar, if you decide it is for you, simply go to and sign up as an affiliate. You can also call me or email me for more information - if you have questions.

Alternately, if you want more information in email form and also want to be entered into a monthly WalMart Card drawing (no purchase necessary to enter!), please send me your email address. I will give you 2 entries if you also post a link to this on your own blog! You can enter every month and the drawing will be held the end of the month.

I am an affiliate with MPB Today and have been earning checks and WalMart gift cards since May 2011. I believe this is the best business because everyone needs groceries. Checks arrive after only 2 referrals. I can not make any promises of earnings, but can tell you this business is something I believe anyone can do and it is very little risk involved.


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