Nutrition 101 Review

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our family has been given the opportunity to review this very comprehensive (448 page) Bible based nutrition and health program produced by the company, Growing Healthy Homes. Growing Healthy Homes started in 2007 by a Mom, her daughter and daughter -in-law.

Nutrition 101:Choose Life! is conveniently divided into 6 units with 4 chapters in each unit. Each chapter is meant to be covered in a week's time.If covered in this way, it will take 24 weeks to complete. It is co-authored by Debra Raybern N.D.,  Sera Johnson, Laura Hopkins, and Karen Hopkins.



Each unit has very in-depth coverage of a different body system and the effects proper nutrition has on each body system. It also covers the consequences to those systems if you consume the wrong types of food.

There is so much to this book, and I have barely been able to scratch the surface! The book did motivate me to start some changes right away, though. For instance, I have been making fruit smoothies with a great superfood blend called NatraBurst for my family.

My children already participate in a Junior Master Gardener Club and this year are very interested in gardening. Last weekend we planted some herbs and vegetables. I have also been going with a neighbor monthly to the local farmer's market to get plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Still, the convenience of boxed and frozen foods has been winning out far too much in our family. Now, I look very closely at the labels. I was not able to throw out the bad stuff. However, we go through food so quickly, I am just going to replace it with good.

We are also going to take the suggestion offered by the authors and make lists of all the healthy foods we already enjoy and start there.

While my children really enjoy many good foods,  they also like a lot of junk! I look forward to teaching them why healthy food is better and will make them feel better. When we start our next school year, we are going to do a complete coverage of this course. In the meantime, I am doing my homework now to change our habits to healthy. I look forward to doing more than just the quick review I did for this review purpose.

If you want to see an example from the book, here is an  excerpt shared on the Growing Healthy Homes website. This book is meant to be used for the whole family. The subjects covered can easily be discussed with a variety of ages by slightly modifying the material to your particular family. I know the whole family would gladly participate in making the power food recipe for each chapter. Many other activities are suggested.

There are 3 options for purchase: CD-ROM for $79.95, Book for $99.95 or both Book and CD-ROM for $129.95. As a co-op, you can purchase a Multiple-user license for only $35. However, you can also get a a 15% discount by using the code: TOScrew11.Even though this book is more expensive than most text books I purchase, the content is far more than an average text book. I highly recommend it to any family.

As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, this nutrition and health program was provided for free in exchange for my honest opinion.


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