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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Math Curriculum! I have had the hardest time finding and sticking with a Math curriculum for my kids. I have really enjoyed being a part of the TOS Crew this year as an alternate. It has given me a great chance to review a lot of math!


When given the chance to review Math Mammoth, I decided to request the complete curriculum from the Light Blue series for both 4th grade and 1st. I had my 11 yo take the online placement test. While my son was ahead of 4th grade in some areas, all my skipping around caused him to have some gaps. So, I felt starting him in the 4th would be best. To download both sections is only $29.70. There are SO many options on what to order and prices - depending if you want download, CD or printed copies- that it would be easier for you to go look that up on the site directly. There are also package deals for those who are looking to save even more money.


My review was for the downloadable series. At first I was not sure about this. I like to actually look through and hold in my hand. However, it has turned out to be perfect for me. I do not need to print the answer key off. I do print individual pages, but I also have the flexibility to print off exactly what I need.


Through the TOS crew, I realized my 11 yo son seems to be able to focus better and read better when reading through a blue filter. My hope is blue paper will do the same thing. So, I plan on getting some in the near future. This will help him to not lose the filters he now uses from Head's Up! 


I do not like to waste paper, but if pages need to be redone, I can keep the one done correctly and recycle the others by shredding and using as bedding in my worm bin or as pet bedding for my pet Degus.


I have been very happy with this curriculum. I have taken longer to get this review in than I should, but have also had a chance to do quite a bit of each book with my younger 3 sons (and the kindergarten student I teach as wel)l. I am not usually workbook oriented. This is in part because of the waste of paper and also because it is often easier and quicker for me to go over math verbally. But I have found I really enjoy this worksheets. Only 1 of the 4 children I have used these with has needed to repeat the sheets. For him, I have found, he needs to stand right beside me and we need to talk through several of the problems before he is ready to go write. However, he is actually only just 5 and doesn't have the quickest responses when we review verbally either.


I recommend this curriculum for its cost effectiveness and thoroughness. I also find the website easy to look around. If you do not need to cover the whole year, but just fill in gaps, then you can purchase by subject matter as well. This is what I could have done with my 11 yo. However, he is actually enjoying the pages and even asks to do some at times when they aren't required.



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