Alphabet Alley

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I know I wrote about Alphabet Alley a while back. I just wanted to put another plug in for this company.

Their products are adorable, prices are reasonable and quality is as good as I have seen. Their products can be used in Sunday School classrooms as filler time, as quiet time projects in church or in the home. They are great to bring to Grandma's house or to send with your older children if they babysit.

They could be used as an open door to witness if you bring your own toys to places like the Dr office or dentist.

Mostly I am writing to say they have something that is very hard to find! Customer service!! I had an issue with a product I had recently recieved from them. They took imediate responsibility for the error and immediate steps to correct the issue.

This company sells their products in a variety of places. I encourage you to support this company whenever you have the chance to! I wish more companies - like this one- existed. Not only do they carry a product with a Bible message, but they seem to embody what the Bible teaches. I do not feel they simply are marketing to this "unique niche", but that they care about their customers and are passionate about their products.

In fact! I plan on going back to order some wooden ABC stacking blocks soon! I have been looking for those for my children.


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