Rocket Phonics

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rocket Phonics is a very thorough and fun phonics program. It mixes phonics games with reading. The program was written by homeschool parents, Stephen and Maureen Guffanti, for their daughter Stephanie.


It is a complete program that includes 2 reading books, cards for playing several games, and activities for scavenger hunts. Additionally, every week , bonus material is sent to your inbox to use as well.


I think it is an excellent product. I love the view finder used to focus the attention on one word at a time.  We paired the Head's Up color frames with the view finder and some of my children did respond well to reading through a color frame at the same time. The cards for playing the games with are very bright and attractive. The stories used in Rocket Phonics start out as the typical readers, but progress into Aesop Fable stories and common tales. It appeals to me that real literature is used.



My children who were already reading well found the view finder to be bothersome. So, I used it with some of my kids and not with others.


Also, because my middle readers were 1/2 way through the another phonics , I only used the card games and sounds with them. I envisioned using the Rocket Phonics with them as well, but it was difficult for them to switch gears and I didn't want to frustrate them since the other program was working well with them.


I have not gotten as far along as I would have liked.


For me the price- $160-  was more than I would spend since my other phonics program was far less expensive. However, I do plan on continuing the program with my reluctant reader. If it works well with him, then I will be revising my position. It is well worth the price for a curriculum of its scope. If I did not use one already, I believe I would have purchased this to use. I have taught 6 children how to read. With the last child I will use this curriculum and with my reluctant reader as well.





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