Thursday, February 5, 2009

WriteShop descibes itself as an incremental writing program.

While I haven't tried out much of their program, I have had the privelege of  putting to use 2 products from their Story Builder line: World of Animals and World of People. The Story Builder sets are are 192 printable cards sent as an e book. There are instructions and suggestions on how to best use the cards. You save the ebook and print the cards off yourself. The cards are divided into 4 categories representing the main parts of a story, such as character and setting , and can be  printed either  on colored paper in black and white or on white paper with colored ink . The writer chooses one card from each category , by a method the teacher assigns,and uses that as the framework of a creative story.

Obviously, this is somewhere in between telling a student what subject to write about and expecing him to come up with something on his own.

The combinations are endless and there are some blank cards in each category for your own cards. These cards are a lot of fun. I think they will be enjoyed for a long time and not just as a novelty. My plan is to use them weekly. I will try to post a sample of writing from one (or more) of my kids using these cards in the near future. This  style works really well for my children .

I am surprised WriteShop doesn't have their website listed on the indvidual cards. I think anyone who sees them will want to know where to order their own! Each Story Builder sets sells for a recently lowered price of $7.95.

There are many other great looking products on the WriteShop website. It looks like their other materials will be equally as impressive and easy to implement as well as being interesting for your aspiring writer or the writer who just has to get the assignment done!!


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