One Year Advernture Novel

Monday, February 2, 2009

We have not had nearly enough time to fully try out the One Year Advernture Novel (OYAN) Curriculum by Clear Water Press. My oldest son is trying it. He is a pretty reluctant reader and writer. However, he seems to be enjoying the course very much. He seems very interested in the  process of choosing a hero and I have never seen him enjoy writing assignments like this before. I plan on adding to this review throughout the year, and expect it to be an interesting journey!

The One Year Adventure Novel is written and produced by a novelist and written from a Christian worldview. There is zero prep work for parents. The classes are taught completely on the included DVDs. However, it is not meant to have no parent participation. There are quizzes and tests for the parents/ teachers to give after every lesson and they are expected to review and give feedback to their child(ren) throughout the process. There is also an online forum for the student writers to be involved in. Our kids do not have online access at this time and so we have not tried out that particular area. Of course we can mark the site as an apporved area and plan on doing that in the future.

My oldest son took this program and ran with it! He has been assigned 3 lessons a week, but usually does 4. After every 3, the teacher is supposed to give a quiz. It is a mix of true/ false and fill in the blank. I hadn't warned him about those and yet he only got 1 question wrong. That greatly impressed me because I know he had picked that up only from the DVDs and lessons and not from a cram session.  His story and writing style is extremely creative and I didn't know he had the potential for this kind of work (though his spelling and grammar need work for sure! We were asked to not be particular about that, but just let them write!) . This is the same son who only speaks a handful of words on most days. I am definately recommending this to my friends who homeschool as well as teachers I know.

I have looked at a lot of writing material. This one is not only unique it what it has to offer to just about any kind of student. As different as my children are, I picture each using this course as soon as I feel they are old enough and able.  In fact, I personally plan on going through the course in the future. I would like to learn to write better.

When you purchase  the OYAN it is licensed for use within your own family and it is not meant to be resold. The DVDs can be used by additional children in the same family or a co-op/ school license purchased. The website includes all the information needed. Basically., for a single student in a family the cost is $199 and then additional texts maybe be purchased for additional students in the same family.

Try it out for yourself with a FREE demo CD and sample lessons . It will be the best way to see if this particular study is right for you and your family.It has been a blessing for us to use this course and came at a perfect time. My daughter is currently working through a unit study based on Anne of Green Gables. Once she has finished that (also a year study), I know she wants to try her hand at the One Year Adventure Novel as well! My son is already asking if he will be able to get his book printed when he is finished.


Feb 7: My son asked this week to get books from the library and documentary style DVDs so he can learn more about what his main character would have been like and so he can make him believable. I never believed he would be writing like this. This program has been a great blessing for us.


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