All About Homophones

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This book, All About Homophones , will be the only book you ever need to ground your elementary aged children in homophones. My 11 year old get very confused about words that are spelled different but sound the same and have different meanings. He is very rule oriented when it comes to his school-work (wish it carried over to all areas of him life....)

This book - available in traditional bound version for $29.95 or ebook for $27.95- is a great resource for students of all ages. My older children already have a firm grasp, but we all get rusty over time. The cards included to play games and rules are great. They can be played and are everybit as fun as your typical Go Fish or Old Maid games.

What I really liked about the e-book version is being able to print out just what I needed for each of my children. Most are at very different levels. The worksheets can then - of course - be printed and used with other children. In our home it is very important to have text books be reusable with multiple children. Also, it is becoming second nature for me to look through my e-book collection before I look through my bound books when I need something.

I would like this book in bound version as well because I still find it more natural to flip through a "real" book.  However, because of the nature of the book, I am quite satisfied to have this in e-book only. Also, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back ! Go to the site and check it out for yourself!

And this is the big news: to celebrate the launch of All About Homophones, you get $10 off any order at! To receive the discount, simply enter "FUN" in the customer code box during checkout. The coupon code is good for a very limited time, so order yours before Feb 2, 2009.



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