Mollys Money-Saving Digest E-Book (Feb)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Watch for Molly's Money-Saving Digest Ebook to come out soon at The Old Schoolhouse store. This book is filled with ideas that will help the budget challenged family or a family striving to be debt free to think of ways to save and feel good about it at the same time . I feel it will also be an encouragement who struggle with wanting tto give their children things they want, but can't afford. Sometimes it seems everyone else is able to afford private lessons, sports events, eat out every night, etc. Knowing other families are not able to afford everything their children would like to have. Many of these things might be "good", but it is a better choice to be free of debt and serve God. It helped strengthen my resolve to spend less money and save more. Many of the ideas  in this E-book, we put into use in our family. I am looking forward to trying the recipes for cleaning green (while saving green), the food recipes l, and starting seeds in handmade newpaper "pots" that can be planted directly in the ground.

It also challenged me to think of unique ways for enjoying my  family  without spending money. One idea in the book we already do - and is a huge success with all -  is give "coupons" as gifts to our children. We all win and enjoy planning special "prizes". Many of these coupons are redeemed for things that are free - like a day off chores or stay up late. However, there were other original ideas in this book that were new or I hadn't considered doing to save. That is generally not the case when I pick up a book on saving.

This book came to me at a time when I needed a refresher that it *is* worth it to dig out of debt. I need to be reminded to "diet" in this area and tend to think if I have "extra" that I can spend it somewhere else.


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