Friday, January 23, 2009

This is what my friend Kathy had to say about using Kinderbach:


We used Kinder Bach with a 4,5,& 6 year old.. The children really enjoyed the computer component of KinderBach. The Tunes are catchy and appeal to young children. The computer animations, sounds, and games held the children’s attention much better than if I was trying to teach them. There were a few lessons I couldn’t print due to a problem with my printer (no ink), but the children were so excited about “Dodie” and his friends that they asked to draw what they had seen in their lesson that day. They weren’t as enthusiastic about the keyboard exercises. If we had used a keyboard (instead of a piano) to make different noises, they may have had a longer attention span. Overall KinderBach is a great program to teach younger children music.



There are options for both classroom and home to teach piano with this curriculum. Also, you have the flexibility of online classes or DVDs. The pricing options and packages are too numerous to list. It would better to go look on the KinderBach website for that information.


Here are a couple examples: Bronze -  Web Lessons (over 300 sessions) and PDFs - $14.95 per month or only $7.16 a month if paid for in one lump sum of $85.95 for the year. You can also purchase the DVD sets. A semester set with bonuses can be purchased for $137.45.


 All the pricing options seem to be very well priced. Multiple children can learn from the same materials. So, compared to the cost of traditional piano lessons, there really isn't any comparison.


My friend ,Kathy, reviewed this product for me sincer she was already teaching music to my younger 3 children once a week, while I attended a co-op with my older children and her children. It is a program we probably will work into our curriculum in the future.


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