The Man in the Map

Friday, November 7, 2008

All my children crowded  'round and listened  while I read,
A book  new to us before retiring  to  bed . 

I was half a asleep and tired, yet they all sat so rapt,
While MIM introduced us, in rhyme, to his friends in the US map.

My memory is not so great and now I must admit,
Mr MIM reminded me of his pals  who had often given me fits!

So, thank you  E. Andrew Martonyi for the book you wrote,
And to Ed Olsen for giving life to silly MIM who we will be sure to quote.

Who learned more, my kids or me, from the reading of  this book?
I do not know, but  most assuredly say, it was worth a look!

In the future, when we attempt to name each state,
It will be done with smiles while picturing ours (North Carolina) holding  MIM's plate.

If rusty on your states, perhaps a refresher you seek?
Go check out the website; I feel it's worth a peek!


The Little Man in the Map, available from  for $19.95

(On this site there is information about the author, a short video of a partial reading of the book and coloring sheets as well.)



I think I should add a couple more things... While I found this book to be completely enjoyable and charming, it is more than I would normally spend on a book of this size. However, I do think the educational value makes the price worthwhile. Also, there is some mention to "magic dust" and "magic key" as well as pictures of elves. While I personally have no objections to the wording or characters , it has been pointed out to me that others might have an objection. Personally, I felt this book was very imaginative and put together beautifully. We have read it many times already and it will become a classic in our home. It is fun and I will never see the US states the same way again.

Thanks for reading my review!


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