Amusing Mathematics from TOS

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know this seems like a theme with me lately. But... go to The Schoolhouse Store and check out the Amusing Mathematics module. It is a mini-unit study. If you are constantly looking for ways to make math fun and/ or incorporate it in different ways, then this module will be of interest. I made the mistake of printing the whole thing. That took longer than I think it should have.

It is meant to be used interactively.

The only downside is we don't let our kids get online. There is just too much temptation. Alot of this module is linked online. I wish I could have just turned it over to the kids. But I am thinking of making some safe sites the kids can go visit and maybe this will give me the motivation I need for that.

This was a fun way to experience math! Thanks TOS!

(Oh! The best part is the price. At $7.95 for a 48 pages and a wide variety of activities for various ages, I think it is a great value.)


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