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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I know I have already written about the e-version of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. However, I would also like to post a review for the print version and tell about a special offer that is going on.

My first introduction to the TOS magazine was in the bathroom of 2 other homeschool families. When my friend Caryn told me about all the free things that came with the magazine when you order it, I went online and ordered! I always love "free".

Here I must admit that I am an "order on line and have your books delivered" kind of homeschool Mom. I do not attend the large conferences OR make regular trips to my local homeschool stores - even though we have at least one very large and great store relatively close and many teacher resourse kind of stores. I would spend way too much at places like these.

So, to me, TOS magazine offers a way to "browse" for homeschool items without leaving my home and be introduced to ideas and products that can help me while teaching my children.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is the only homeschool magazine I subscribe to. I am sure there are other great ones, but I feel the scope and weight of this magazines is all I need. If you are a Christian homeschooler, then I highly recommend this magazine. There is such a wide variety of articles and many would be of interest to a secular or non-religious homeschooler, but the magazine is clearly written with a Christian worldview in mind.

I love the size of the magazine, the type and variety of articles as well as the thought and preparation of the articles. It is very professional looking. It goes with me everywhere until I read the whole magazine from beginning to end. I often go back and re-read or look up articles as well. I could go on and on about the kinds of articles, but there is such a variety and they are written by other homeschoolers.

Welll... now for the offer. If you want to susbscribe to The Old Schoolhouse magazine, do so now! (If you are like me and like FREE, they have some really great offers for joining now)



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