The Old Schoolhouse E-magazine

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It was with great interest I realized The Old Schoolhouse Magazine was offering a digital version of their magazine. Since I am the type of person that keeps her magazines and loves to have a way to look up specific articles and retrieve the information quickly, I thought I would love to have an e-book version. Plus, I am online a lot looking up articles and researching various subjects.

This is the first magazine I viewed this way (OK! So, I know they are not "new", but I just like the real deal when it comes to my books.)

Pros: The magazine is very easy to download and flip through. It was easy to read the articles and find  the information I was looking for and I save the copies on my computer. No magazine ink on my fingers when I am done. No wondering what to do with the magazine when I am done (Keep entirely, scan in pages, recycle, give to a friend?).

Cons: I didn't realize how much I look forward to actually getting my magazine in the mailbox. I anticipate when it will show up and then spend time throughout the day over the course of several days thumbing though. My laptop is not handy to throw in the car if I have a few extra minutes waiting at the doctor.

I found myself wanting to print out the articles I didn't have time to read entirely.

So, I do like the digital version of this magazine, but I like the paper version too! I found myself wanting both. I would (most likely) look thoroughly through the print version when I recieved it, but then pass that on to another homeschooler or someone thinking about homsechooling. Then I would use the downloaded version to look up the articles again.  Personally, I would probably want the digital version to be a free add on or come at a discounted price along with the paper version. I think the digital version is well priced as a stand alone.


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