Monday, September 3, 2001

Rating: 4 Rocks (David 4, Krista 4)

Summary: A nicely done, interesting movie. Interesting characters and a well-developed pleasing plot provide the core to a pleasant village backdrop. It has almost a fairy-tale quality to it, considering the incredible power of chocolate in people's lives, and the (of course) instant romance between the gypsy and the wanderer. The most interesting and powerful character is actually the Mayor, who fruitlessly tries to enforce his traditions on his townspeople. (PG-13)

Pros: Nice music score, luscious chocolate scenes. We liked the references to Maya culture and Guatemala, and the pottery was neat. Gets you thinking of life beyond traditions, and ends with a solid "good" feeling.

Cons: Foul-mouthed grandmother, religion is mocked, two short scenes. The gypsies were the only people that were happy.

Who: Pretty much by the rating (older kids, adults), and it'll be interesting for everybody.


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