Monday, July 9, 2001

Rating: 4 Rocks (David 4, Krista 4)

Summary : A few years in the life of Judah the son of Hur, who lived at the same time as Jesus Christ. He lives through some interesting twists of events, and crosses paths with Jesus a couple times. He ends up realizing that the forgiveness Jesus showed was the only way to conquer the bitterness he held toward those he hated. (G)

Cons : This is a long old-style movie, with somewhat tedious portraits that try to convey people's thoughts. It's unfortunate that the movie ends with Jesus in the grave, because His resurrection was more important that even His death.

Pros : Elaborate sets and full story line make the film interesting throughout. Jesus is placed in a remarkably good light for a secular production, and several dramatic scenes liven things up throughout.

Who : Anybody with enough time, especially those who are familiar with the life of Christ and the state of the world around Him.


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