What is Jesus Like?

Posted 4/29/2001

Joh 4:27-54

  1. Crosses barriers
  2. Beyond understanding
  3. Attracts people
  4. Lives to do the Father's Will, and thrives on it
  5. Sees reality: people's hearts and needs
  6. Knows what's valuable: eternal fruit
  7. His Words prove Him
  8. Knows people's hearts
  9. His Word is powerful and healing
  10. Gets people excited about Him
  11. Came to save
  12. Spiritual truth often defies our logic
  13. Is above all
  14. Proves God is true through His witness
  15. Gives the Spirit without measure; unlimited
  16. Has all things
  17. Gives life
  18. Unending refreshment
  19. Connects with people
  20. Is the Christ, the Messiah, the Promised One
  21. Energizes His own

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