Do You Believe?

Posted 2/4/2004 4:10:21 PM

Do you really believe in the reality of a spiritual world? That the physical is merely a shallow shadow of a deeper reality? Obviously, we miss the importance of the spiritual world, because we don't usually sense it, with any of our physical senses.

The Bible pulls the blinds apart a few times, giving us a glimpse of what is actually happening all around us:

Yet, with all the angelic and heavenly power seething around us, God chooses to work differently. And since He has chosen to do so, all the angels and demons must abide by His wishes. God has chosen to use weak physical beings, even by our own perception, to demonstrate His power rather than through the spiritual powers all around us. 1Cor 1:27-29, Eph 6:12, Job 2:2

Are you eyes open to the power of God?

or, whether a Christian or not, are you eyes closed?
Even the best vision fails without proper care. Our eyes get old, they get weak. Spiritually, we can cloud our vision with pride, with complacency, or with our own selfish desires:

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