Trust Me, I know what I'm doing

Posted 4/28/2001

Jesus' life leading to His death on the cross was often confusing for His disciples. He knew they would understand once His work was complete, and simply wanted them to trust Him.

Events in Mr 14:1 through Mr 15:47, interpreted in this light:

  1. Feast of Passover Mr 14:1-11
    • Jesus declared the woman who annointed Him to be an excellent example, for she understood what He was doing 
    • Many disciples didn't really believe Jesus' status as the Son of God, for even the most costly ointment is nothing to Him. What matters to Jesus is the heart, and He loved the attitude of the woman.
  2. The Upper Room Mr 14:12-31
    • The disciples are still surprised that Jesus will be betrayed, and can't believe that it will happen just as the room was ready just as He said.
    • He explains how He will finally be the true Passover lamb, which they don't understand until later
    • Neither do they believe they could ever deny Him, as Peter would do three times
  3. Praying in Gethsemane Mr 14:32-42
    • Jesus goes to His Father for comfort
    • The disciples fall asleep in ignorance of what is happening and of who Jesus is
  4. Betrayal Mr 14:43-52
    • Jesus goes because of His faithfulness to His scriptures, even saying how He could have been apprehended in public many times before
    • All his disciples flee for fear of their lives
  5. Trial #1, before the high priest Mr 14:53-65
    • No reason could be found for killing him
    • Jesus' states that He is the Christ
    • The court does not believe Him, and accuses Him of blasphemy
  6. Peter denies Jesus three times Mr 14:66-72
    • A maid had seen him with Jesus
    • She tells others that he was with Jesus
    • Others recognized him, which he vehemently denies
    • Now he finally realizes how Jesus knows him better than he knows himself, and cries at his faithlessness
  7. Trial #2, before Pilate Mr 15:1-14
    • Jesus remains remarkably silent
    • Pilate knows what the priests are up to, and offers to release him or Barabbas
    • The people want Him crucified, despite His innocence
  8. Jesus is sent to be crucified Mr 15:15-21
    • He is mocked as King of the Jews by the soldiers
    • Jesus is beaten and taken out to be crucified
    • He goes as a lamb to the slaughter, not uttering a word, for all those who don't even believe Him
  9. Jesus is lifted up on the cross Mr 15:22-32
    • People mocked His power to save even Himself
  10. Jesus gives up His life Mr 15:33-41
    • The centurion believes Jesus is the Son of God, the first trusting person in this whole series of events since the woman who annointed Him
  11. Jesus is buried Mr 15:42-47
    • Joseph, Mary Magdelene, and Mary bury His body, without any hope of seeing Him alive again

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