Posted 12/16/2003 8:44:46 AM

World leaders think they have so much power and control over their actions, when they really do not. God uses nations for His own purposes, and easily controls events to create circumstances in which there is nothing to be done except what He wants done.

He used the Assyrians to bring judgment on Israel Is 10:5-6, but only for a certain time. When that time of use was over, God took away their power, despite all their expectations otherwise Is 10:8-14

God has blessed me with so much, and yet I am in danger of the same ungrateful selfishness as the Israelites of old. More than anything else, God wants my heart, all of it, all the time. Who am I to think I can accomplish anything useful by myself? That would be like an ax thinking it can accomplish great things without someone holding it, or that a saw can get lots done without anyone pulling on it! Is 10:15. Yet, with a word from the Lord, and all that I have could be gone, whether burned, stolen, or whatever. Is 10:16-17

For the sake of His people, God moves nations. For the sake of His own glory, God saves people. I like to assume I'm in the "remnant" category that remains true to God, but would that really be the case? Am I really that different from the multitudes of other casual Christians? When the pressure comes, is my foundation firm?

Regardless of how many or how few are faithful to Him, God provided salvation. To prepare the way, He will clear away all that is in His way Is 10:33-34. You and I would be well-advised to be humble, so as not to suffer the fate of the proud Is 10:33.

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