How to get along

Posted 11/12/2003 2:53:15 PM

People getting along with each other has to be one of the most problematic issues on earth. Insurmountable differences cause war, separation, grief, and pain. As odd and dangerous as it sounds, the Bible clearly commands Christians to love others: other Christians John 13:34,35 (really! Rom 12:10), other people Rom 12:18, even enemies Mat 5:44.

It's a growing process, as you'd expect by having it in 2Peter 1:5-7's list, continually growing and increasing Heb 13:1; 1Th 3:12. This, more than anything else, is the hallmark of a Christian 1John 3:14. Nobody can fake this throughout a life, and prosper and grow in love, without the power of God.

Paul experienced and evidenced this love a lot in the Scriptures. His friends loved him so much that they risked their own lives for him Rom 16:4. This kind of love creates bonds of friendship and trust 1Sam 18:3 that make people truly care for each other Act 20:38, 2Cor 12:15, Php 1:8, 4:1; 2Tim 1:17, just like Christ's example of the Samaritan who cared Luk 10:33

Need more reasons?

  1. Love covers sin Pr 10:12, a whole bunch of them! 1Pe 4:8
  2. You are surefooted and able to see 1John 2:10
  3. You won't be a noisy nuisance 1Cor 13:1
  4. Because God said so 1John 4:21, Mat 22:39, John 15:12
  5. You'll be doing well Jam 2:8
  6. Because love is from God 1John 4:7

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