Posted 10/29/2003 7:38:13 AM

A little tree holds its own in the glistening early morning snow
at Grandpa & Grandma LaRocque's, Swanton, VT.
Click to open Medium photo (72.7KB).Like a tree, our Christian lives are to steadily grow in stature and strength, become a glorious example of God's power to create a solace for the weary from a little tiny seed of faith. A tree doesn't mature quickly, and neither should we expect to do the same. Day after day of faithful living and growth develop a Christian. Starting from that seed of faith, and diligently growing with virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, and more. 2Pe 1:5-7

Patience is definitely a matter of being steadfast, constant, and enduring. This little tree is bearing a load of snow, and most likely it'll be some time before the load is relieved, either by the wind or  the sun. In the same way, our burdens strengthen us, if we but patiently endure them. Patience is a gift from God, and like self-control requires that we work together with the Holy Spirit. Col 1:11

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