Know it all

Posted 10/15/2003 12:47:53 AM

Once a person is saved by faith, he diligently applies himself to being approved by God. He doesn't want to displease his Father, so is careful to renew every aspect of his life by the power of the Holy Spirit in his heart. Peter gives us a good growth list, starting with virtue. This healing power of God in our lives also effects change in others around us when it is truly virtue, through our good works and encouraging words. Yes, many people can do good and say the right thing, but Holy Spirit-empowered virtue changes that same good deed into something truly remarkable

God indeed spends much time expressing his desire to have our hearts above all, yet also gives us a complete instruction book on how to live a life pleasing to Him. This is the second step in 2Peter 1:5-8: knowing.

There is indeed much to know, from God Himself to clearly knowing right from wrong:

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