Growing Up

Posted 9/9/2003 9:41:53 PM

Antonio is going to grow up into a 13 year old young man this year. What goals do I have for him, and the other children to follow, as he matures into an adult?

His Heart

Just as our bodies' hearts pump life throughout our veins, continually refreshing and sustaining all the different parts, so our spiritual hearts bring life to our souls. The sustained refreshment of a heart dedicated to God results in a live worth living and worthy of being around Luk 6:5. Love for God and man is the utmost goal of a man who's heart is right with God Mat 22:38-40 This whole attitude is not a means of obtaining recognition from others Luk 18:9-14, fame, or wealth - it is all to please the God he serves Mat 25:21,23. Along the way he is called to give respect and honor to all his fellow men 1Pe 5:5; Rom 12:17,18

Relationships (10 Commandments, Ex 20)

If this were a perfect world, God's love would be enough for us. All we would desire is to please him and act like He does. However, we do not. And for this, God laid down the Law, to show us very clearly how very much unlike him and apart from His we choose to be. He wrote books of the Bible detailing His instructions for a pure life, so far beyond the capabilities of the men they addresses that the rules themselves completely integrated the atonement of inevitable sin.

In any case, again, God makes it clear that He has specific expectations regarding our relationship with Him. He is God, the first and only, and is to be feared and honored as such. He is Holy, and his name and days are also to be treated the teh same regard. He created man in His own image, and expects peaceful living, without murder, greed, lying, stealing, and immorality.

The Way

We are not innately loving and kind, selflessly and humbly seeking after God and our fellow man. How do we get that condition? By growing in the strength and fruit of the Spirit, by transforming our lives by the renewing of our minds through that same wonderful Spirit Gal 5:23-24; Rom 12:1-2. Every day is a new adventure in growth and overcoming the challenges of sin and selfishness. Daily battles strengthen Eph 6:10-18 our feeble spiritual limbs into strong warriors for the cause of Jesus Christ, useful for the edification of our fellow soldiers Eph 4:12-14, and in rescuing poor lost souls from a horrible eternity in hell.

Jesus Christ

None of this is possible without Jesus Christ. He gave us the life we enjoy Rom 5:15; 6:23, guides and protects us through it John 10:11-18, and sustains us every step along the way John 15:5,7.

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