Posted 8/25/2003 7:01:17 AM

In Isaiah 8, the prophet is told some more details about the upcoming captivity of Israel. As the Lord describes what He's going to do, He points out along the way how He's going to preserve His people, and give them a way of repentance.

  1. Swift & Speedy Is 8:1-4 - Isaiah and his wife had a child, who would see Israel's captivity before he would learn how to talk. Yes, Israel would soon be captive, but God is also starting to preserve His remnant not only with children like this one, but with faithful priests like Uriah and Zechariah Is 8:2.
  2. Flood Is 8:5-10 - The Lord uses flood waters as a picture of how Assyria would wash through Israel, taking out much of the nation with its flow. God is most certainly punishing His people, but He is not leaving them: "Immanuel, God is with us" Is 8:8,10.
  3. Fear Is 8:11-15 - It is the power of God that will cause all this to happen, just as with everything else. As such, it isn't the foreign power that should be feared, rather God. God's holiness demands payment for sin, which will be paid. Again, He graciously provides that payment, with the cornerstone that will become the foundation for his church. Is 8:14
  4. Future Is 8:16-22 - Fear of the what the future will bring can drive many people to go to great lengths to find out what the future is. This is a waste of time, because God is completely trustworth, and gives all the signs and instructions necessary for godly living throughout our lives Is 8:16-18.

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