Time's Up

Posted 7/30/2003 11:18:30 AM

After all the warnings and reminders of Isaiah 1-5 and all the previous prophets, kings, and judges, God has had enough. Above all else, God is holy Is 6:3, and will not allow sin to flourish Is 6:5. He will forgive, allowing people to enter His presence Is 6:7-8, but will not allow unrepentant people continue to flourish and enjoy His blessings. Israel is about to see the end of its nation, and not see it again until 1945.

Israel wasn't conquered by the Babylonians, they rejected God and brought on their own punishment. God used (and still does) nations and world events to do exactly what He wanted to do. But more frightening than that kind of control is the promised changes He would make to their minds. They'd still have all the information about their God, but be unable to change. This kind of heart-hardening is impossible to break free of; God has shut the door, and when He does, all hope is gone.

Yes, there is a point of no return.

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