Posted 7/22/2003 8:17:07 AM

God is very considerate and careful. For hundreds of years, He has meticulously built and cared for His people Israel, as a vineyard Is 5:1-4. He has removed obstacles, blessed with riches, protected from attack, and basically done everything necessary to have a grateful, worshipful people. But nope, no fruit from this vineyard. God isn't doing this just to be nice. He is jealous, and requires that His people love Him and serve Him alone, above anything else. They didn't, and now were going to be pruned for another start.

There are a few groups Isaiah 5 particularly points out as targets of God's wrath. Woe to those who:

  1. Expand houses and land, especially at the expense of others Is 5:8-10;
    Unproductivity of the huge farms
  2. Get up early and stay up late to drink, partying away the heritage of the Lord's work Is 5:11-12

    Exile, poverty, and humility will some as a result of the actions of these two groups of people. Is 5:13-17

  3. Lie and mock God with worthless questions Is 5:18-19
  4. Reverse good and bad, light and dark, sweet and bitter Is 5:20
  5. Think they are wise and clever Is 5:21
  6. Drink to prove themselves strong, twisting things so that the wicked get their way and the righteous are deprived of the benefits of their good deeds Is 5:22-23
This whole crowd of people will burn up, rot away, and be destroyed by the wrath of God. Is 5:24-25 He will also bring a strong nation to come and overwhelmingly plunder and pillage His people. Is 5:26-30 Isaiah is warning his people that their time is up, and God is going to hold them accountable for their actions. Mercy and grace have their limits.

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